Countdown Madness

Less than three weeks until we head to California to get Ki. So amazing! I'm so excited. I can't wait to have him back.

We had a bit of snow this week.

It made me think of Ki. He's never even seen snow so it will be fun to see his reaction. Plus, I know he'll love the cold here. He's happiest in chilly weather. I must get him some dog boots though since, even if he's okay with the cold, some of the areas he'll have to walk through are de-iced which can do a number on dog paws.

We're getting so close to having him back with us! My mind races with everything I want to do.

Less Than a Month Until Ki-Time!

We counting down the days until Ki will be with us. Literally. I have a countdown timer on my iGoogle page. We now have less than a month to go until we pick up Ki in California. The trip will be interesting since we're doing more driving than visiting but having Ki with us is totally worth it.

We can't wait! (Well, maybe Jeri isn't as thrilled but we'll see how that goes.) Expect a lot of pictures, stories, and perhaps even videos of the reunion.

Training Humans to Better Serve Cats

I'm settling in. I know where I'm allowed to go. I play and run and sleep. The hardest part has been training Rainy to properly see to my needs. It took her a little while to be confident in handling me. Apparently I seem fragile compared to ...dogs.

Now, though, we are a good team. We've even allocated a good part of her desk to my lounging needs since it gets the best sunbeams.
cat perch

One problem we have discovered here is a propensity for static shocks. We've heard that can happen in the dry air here and a humidifier might help. It sounds like this requires Science!

...but for now, I sleep.