Of Thanks and Home

We've been back in the US for awhile and it's been awesome. We're still working at getting properly settled out here but it feels really good to be working to that end. It's difficult for us to wait on bringing the critters out but it's really important for us to have the right place so that our pack can live as harmoniously as possible. Once we've done that, we can bring the animals into their new home.

In the meantime we are staying with a couple of our awesome friends here and getting our dog fix with Annie, their rescued mutt pup,
Annie (Miss Pants)

and Harry, a border collie who is visiting for the holidays.
Harry paying attention

We'll be posting more as we settle in and begin planning for bringing the pets home so be sure to check back soon!

From Desert to Snowy Mountains

We finally have a date set and flights booked for our move back home. 'Home' is Colorado which is nice and snowy compared to the still 90+ degree temperatures here in Kuwait.

Going home is very exciting. It's very easy to take being near friends and family, having resources and services you are used to, and being a citizen of the country you live in and what that means for granted. Now, after many months away from everything that is 'home', we're heading back. It still hasn't fully sunk in that it's not just for a visit...that we are really going home. As we get closer to 'go time' we are talking a lot about what we are looking forward to. Sometimes it's something like a food or restaurant that we miss, but usually it's about the people and animals that make us feel at home.

We've been talking a lot about our excitement at working with Ki on his training, goals that we have for our work with him, the road trip we'll be taking with him to bring him from California to Colorado (the official start of Typing with Paws), introducing him to snow, and introducing him to the new people and new places that will make up home. We've been talking about picking up Jeri, how we'll introduce him to Ki, how we'll setup our place so he has his own proper spots.

For both of us, our animals are very much part of the family and part of being home. Give your animal and human family members some love. You'll hear from us again when we're back in the US!