An Early Intro to the blogDog and Typing with Paws

Hi, I'm Rainy and I'm one of the few humans you will see on this blog. Although most of the posts here will come directly from the dog's paws, I wanted to give an introduction to the blogDog, Kitsune. We want you to have a better idea of who the blogDog is before he starts posting about what he's up to.

Kitsune has a rather mysterious background. From his genetics to his history before he wound up in an animal shelter...all we can do is guess. He's likely a mix that includes Shiba Inu. The rescue thought he might also be a Jindo mix. He's definitely got a lot of asian spitz influence in his look (and behavior). Oh, you want to see him?

Here is Kitsune, the blogDog.
(It's an old picture so don't tease him. He's lost weight since then.)
fat Ki standing

Ki was not properly socialized with dogs or people before he ended up in a shelter. This made his chances of adoption rather slim. Luckily, a Shiba Inu-specific breed rescue picked him up to give him visibility with those interested in the breed and prevent him from possibly facing euthanasia as an 'unadoptable' shelter dog.

When I adopted Kitsune he was already 1.5 years old (as estimated by the vet) and it was obvious he would need a lot of help to work in and enjoy a world so full of people, animals, and things to explore. What I didn't know, is that he could teach us so much of the same.

Learning with Kitsune (and really, pets and animals in general) is really the inspiration for and focus of Typing with Paws. Most of the updates here will be posted from Kitsune's perspective and detail his adventures in training and life. We'll share how we have and are continuing to work with difficult behaviors, cover topics central to living with a dog in the wider world (finding a vet, where can you take your dog, etc), give ideas for activities and hobbies you can share with your pets, talk about our favorite toys and gear, and generally provide a perspective on what it takes to grow and work in the world. As well as being a record of our adventures as a pack, we hope that our experiences might help other dogs (and people!).

Although we'll have a few entries up over the next few weeks, the official start of Typing with Paws will come as we prepare to move Ki from his old home in California to his new home in Colorado. We'll post photos and videos whenever possible, and once the adventure starts we'll also add Ki's twitter and other social/contact information so that you can follow him on all of his favorite online communities.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Typing with Paws!


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