Jericho Comes Home

I've never had a cat before but have been looking forward to bringing my husband's cat home. Now that Jericho has been with us and able to settle in, I have a much better appreciation for 'cat people' than I could when I was better defined as a 'dog person'.

lounging Jeri

My husband did a really excellent job with raising Jeri. He tolerates all kinds of handling very well and is a very affectionate cat. He was even very well behaved on the long drive from where he was in New Mexico to where we live in Colorado. He's becoming more playful and energetic as he settles into his new home and I look forward to having him around for a good many years to come.

Having a cat is requiring a lot of learning though...

How do you train a cat? They don't seem to be wired like dogs who will perform a task in order to please or will work for food at the very least.

Connected with training, how do you properly reinforce behaviors and boundaries? Praise, affection, treats that work with dogs can't necessarily be applied to cats.

What ingredients/amounts/ratios are ideal in cat food. How do you know if you are feeding the right amount? How do you determine ideal protein sources for your cat?

What is the best way to introduce Jeri to Ki when he comes home in February? What should we be doing now to prepare for that event?

With my husband's help, and a lot of research, I'll be cat-knowledgeable before you know it. Until then, I'll continue to get used to the differences in dog and cat, and you'll start seeing posts from Jeri!

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