Training Humans to Better Serve Cats

I'm settling in. I know where I'm allowed to go. I play and run and sleep. The hardest part has been training Rainy to properly see to my needs. It took her a little while to be confident in handling me. Apparently I seem fragile compared to ...dogs.

Now, though, we are a good team. We've even allocated a good part of her desk to my lounging needs since it gets the best sunbeams.
cat perch

One problem we have discovered here is a propensity for static shocks. We've heard that can happen in the dry air here and a humidifier might help. It sounds like this requires Science!

...but for now, I sleep.

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  1. I wanted to comment on the static electricity! My kitties were getting so many shocks on their sweet noses when they would just try to sniff me! That is, until I plugged in a humidifier! It really helps a lot! Good luck!